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Tip to Couples Counseling

Nowadays, with substantial increase in the divorce & break up rates in our society, couples counseling has become necessary to help partners work out relationships instead of just ending them. It is heartbreaking to see numerous people who invest time in a relationship, give up because of some challenging issues that they cannot work through. Couples counseling focuses on helping couples learn the ways to deal with their problems as well as the art to better communicate with each other. Generally most couples shy away from getting help due to pride, ignorance, or lack of finances to afford it, but the fact is that couples counseling usually offers wonderful results.

Most relationships normally start out wonderfully but over a period of time, the fire can diminish and each partner begins to get resentful, arguments occur, drift, emptiness, and a feeling of boredom ensues. It is remarkable to note that as per research, about 75% of couples that opt for counseling, feel as if their relationship has improved – odds that are substantial enough to get you to try this solution at least once.

Couples counseling is meant to give partners valuable resources & tools to make positive changes personally & together. Many times, a couple experiences dissatisfaction and therefore, decides to end the relationship instead of revealing the root cause of it. If the root cause of the issue is found and dealt with, the relationship can take a u-turn, but if no one is there to find out the prevailing problem, the relationship will surely lead to failure.

Couples counselors will help facilitate honest & open communication amongst partners. Communication is the most important element in a relationship, therefore, learning how to effectively reveal what is there in one’s mind is very essential for success. Imagine, a wife is angry because her partner does not spare enough time for her, but never communicates frankly to him about the issue,not giving him the chance to change this. Her partner may not be aware that he is neglecting her time or that he should be spending more time in her company.

Relationships require a great deal of work. Couples counselors can provide you the tools to work on your relationship. They will help you to see what is wrong as well as assist you in coming up with possible solutions. They can certainly give insights into the underlying negative patterns in your relationship thereby, encouraging change. Your counselor will act as a facilitator and guide for building a successful relationship.

So, if you are in a relationship and it is struggling, consider seeing couple counselor. Sometimes a relationship simply needs a professional to help the partners through some issues. The counselor can help you find effective ways to transform self-defeating relationship behaviors and attitudes into constructive behaviors that will definitely assist you for creating a more satisfying relationship with each other.

Tips to Start Fresh After Divorce

A painful divorce changes everything in life; it changes the way the world looks at you, it worsens your personal & professional life and ruptures your faith on love & relationships! A divorce can get even worse if you are left with a child from your unsuccessful marriage.
Emotional support from friends and family might help you and your child in coping with stress of divorce. But, when it comes to rebuilding both you and your child’s self-worth, relying on the professional support seems more beneficial. Beside professional support, it needs a few steps to follow for reinventing happiness, peace and most importantly, the life:

Help kids express feelings: A divorce can feel like the loss of a parent for a child. It is your responsibility to help your child in adjusting to the new circumstances by valuing their feelings. To do so, encourage them to open up about their thoughts. Remember, you can de-stress your children only by allowing them to express their frustration and sadness. You can inspire trust by showing that you understand.

Spend more time with kids: One of the key responsibilities, as a single parent is to spend more quality-time with your little one. A child tends to look for isolation during this stage. Never let them stay alone. Accompany your child, cook together, take him/her out for a movie, and indulge them in some recreational activities. Besides improving the child’s state-of-mind, helps in building a strong rapport between you and your child.

Give reassurance and love: Children have a remarkable ability to heal when given the support and love they need. Express love for your child through your words and actions. A warm hug, a pat on shoulder or just simple proximity has huge power to reassure your child of your love and support. When children raise concerns or negative feelings, respond truthfully. Assure your child that no matter what, you will always love him/her unconditionally now, tomorrow and forever.

Online dating tips: A good profile will go along way in finding a perfect partner. Some of the key things to be aware of are what website you decide on using, the balance of what you want to say, and sharing your interests. Remember to be honest without giving too much away. A good photograph of yourself goes along way.

Don’t neglect yourself: A divorce can be the end of a broken-marriage, but it’s not the end of your life! You still have the right to live and love. Falling in love after divorce can be little difficult. Bitter-experiences of a broken marriage will always hold you back from trusting someone. Here the importance of a relationship coaching service can be beneficial. These professionals help you in restoring your self-esteem, finding the perfect partner and leading you towards happiness. This new wisdom of life & love helps you discover a new you.


Finding a Professional Lawyer

Most people do not have a clue how to find a good lawyer when they need one. Having access to a good lawyer is rather like having a good car mechanic. They’re both hard to find but when you have, you’ll want to keep him for life.

If your legal problem is complex or involves lots of money, you might not want to attempt to handle the entire matter without a lawyer. After all, lawyers do more than dispense legal information. Because it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a good lawyer from a mediocre one, it is important that you do your research thoroughly.

Locating a good lawyer who can efficiently help with your particular problem may not be easy. Don’t expect to locate a good lawyer by simply looking in the phone book or reading an advertisement. There’s not enough information in these sources to help you make a valid judgment.

Some common reasons you should do to find a good lawyer :

1 . Determine the legal issue and what type of law may be applicable

2 . Set up a face-to-face interview. Always ask an attorney what his fees will be. So, you can avoid surprises that may show up on the attorney’s invoice later

3 . One of the best resources to find a lawyer that does the kind of law you need is through other lawyers

4 . Your lawyer should point out for you the strong and weak points of your case and give a realistic expectation of the potential outcomes.

5 . The attorney should be interested in your case and spend at least as much time listening as talking. Beware of lawyers who spend too much time selling themselves to you.

6 . Check with your family, friends and work associates. If someone had a good experience with a particular attorney, they are always more than happy to recommend that individual.

A better way of finding an attorney is to call the local bar association near your town, city or county. Ask for the names of three lawyers who specialize in the area of law you need assistance with.

One important thing to note is that it’s important that you get along with your lawyer. He may be an excellent attorney but if you find that you don’t get along with him or don’t like dealing with him, just leave it.

Go through this process until you find a lawyer you are comfortable with. A good lawyer is one who is knowledgeable about the law, determined to represent your best interests and charges reasonable fees.

Tips to Common Marriage and Uncommon Divorces

images-5What is Common Law Marriage?
A common law marriage is generally defined as one where the state provides couple’s rights and benefits of being married, even though they never obtained a marriage license or had any ceremony celebrating the marriage. Each of the states has its own requirements before it will recognize a couple as having a common law marriage. For example, in Texas, as in most of the 11 states, a couple must have made an agreement to someday get married and then cohabited after the agreement was made. They must also have held themselves out to the public as being married.

In Nevada, it does not matter how long a couple may have lived together, what their future intent is or if their friends think they are married. Nevada does not recognize common law marriage, and a divorce lawyer can’t change the law. If there is no marriage, there can be no divorce. This may create problems when a couple decides to separate, and have accumulated property together. If they have children together there are laws for child custody.

Nevada Child Custody, Visitation and Support Laws
Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Section 126.036 establishes that “the liberty interest of a parent in the care, custody and management of the parent’s child is a fundamental right.” In order for a man to exercise his rights to custody and visitation, and for a mother to establish her right to child support, paternity must be established. There are several different ways this can be done under Nevada law. Once paternity has been determined, the unmarried parents have the same rights and obligations as do parents who were married to each other.

Under NRS Section 125C.003, a court may order primary physical custody of a child born out of wedlock to the mother if there is no presumption that a man is the father and the man has not acknowledged paternity. This may also happen if the father has knowledge of his paternity, but has abandoned his child.

The court will give primary custody of a child born out of wedlock to the father if the mother has abandoned the child and the father has provided the “sole care and custody of the child in her absence.”

In Nevada, whether parents are married to each other or not, a court makes its custody and visitation decisions based on what it determines is in the best interest of the child.

Property Division for Unmarried Couples
Nevada is a community property state, which means all income a legally married couple earned, and all property they accumulated during the course of their marriage, belongs equally to them both. When they divorce, the court will divide it between them. This includes real estate, automobiles, furniture, savings accounts, retirement accounts, pension funds and even the family pet.

Community property law does not apply when an unmarried but cohabiting couple separates. There are some ways courts may become involved in property division, but it will be in civil court, not in family law court as part of a property division divorce order. For example:
• Contract principles: If the couple have a contract establishing that they are joint owners of property, and they disagree about how to divide it, a civil law court will evaluate the contract and make a division based on contract principles.
• Joint tenants: If the couple purchased real estate and took ownership as joint tenants, this means that each party owns 50 percent of the property. It does not matter if one party provided more of the down payment than the other one. They own the property equally and when they separate, the property is divided between them. If it is owned as joint tenants with right of survivorship, when one party dies, the other party inherits the share of the other.
• Tenants-in-common: This allows a couple to own property together but with different percentage shares. It will be divided according to each person’s share. If one party dies, that person’s share goes into their estate and is not inherited by the other party.

The Putative Spouse Doctrine
In 2004, the Nevada Supreme Court, in the case of Williams v. Williams, adopted the Putative Spouse Doctrine holding that, “Fairness and equity favor recognizing putative spouses when parties enter into a marriage ceremony in good faith and without knowledge that there is a factual or legal impediment to their marriage.” The Court held that this policy is in keeping with “Nevada’s policy in refusing to recognize common-law marriages or palimony suits.” This is because the parties obtained a marriage license and reasonably attempted to enter into a solemn marriage relationship, something missing “in common-law marriages and palimony suits.”

• The putative spouse doctrine and property division: In the Williams case, the couple had a marriage ceremony, obtained a marriage certificate and believed themselves to be husband and wife for 27 years. When they decided to divorce, they discovered for the first time that Mrs. William’s had not been divorced from her first husband at the time of the Williams’s marriage. They discovered their marriage was never valid and they were granted an annulment. Since they had a good faith believe they were married, the property they accumulated during the putative marriage was divided between them as though community property.
• The putative spouse doctrine and spousal support: The Nevada Supreme Court considered how other states apply this doctrine and held that there can be no award of spousal support in the absence of “bad faith, fraud or statutory authority.”