I Guess I Have to Go to Court

I knew that I was in trouble when I saw this guy coming at me, but I really do not know what they are talking about to be honest. I remember the events that they are talking about in this warrant. I am pretty sure that the people who are listed as witnesses are all friends of the guy, who I did hit in the mouth. I am not going to try to figure out how I can prove that he swung and missed first, but I suppose I will have to get a Sacramento criminal attorney. The obvious thing to do seems to be to charge him with the same thing. In fact I can come up with as many witnesses that will tell the truth as he found to tell a lie. The entire thing is pretty dumb to be honest. I know this guy, but not very well. I know the girl he says that I was messing with, but I would not ever get involved with her for a very simple reason.

That is known to everyone who knows me, this girl is obviously crazy and I am afraid of crazy people. It is hard to tell the difference between a person who is crazy in that they say silly things and do silly things as compared to the crazy person who takes a knife and stabs you in your sleep. I once had a girlfriend who really acted crazy in that way after I broke up with her. She was one of those types like the kid who would break his toys before he would let anyone else play with them. This girl was really scary and if I saw her today I would probably turn my butt the other way and run away at a brisk pace.