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Finding a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

images-4It is important that the charged individual understands that he or she is still innocent until proven guilty. Given that a criminal conviction can result in the loss of freedom and other significant consequences, the courts use the highest burden of proof: proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It is also important to choose the best possible criminal lawyer to defend against accusations and charges. The legal representative should fit the person he or she is representing, and the specific knowledge of the case should be shared between parties.


There are several considerations that a person should weigh when determining which lawyer to select. Some considerations include:


Criminal defendants usually want someone who is experienced in their particular area of law. A person charged with a drug crime, DUI, assault or other specific criminal defense may want to look for a lawyer who has successfully handled cases of this nature.

Case Load

While a defendant may want to hire someone who seems to be an expert in the area of the law, this can sometimes be a drawback. Some criminal defense lawyers and DUI lawyers seek out as many clients as possible. However, this may adversely affect the effectiveness of their cases with so many clients taking up all their time and energy. Finding legal representation that takes the time to know his or her client is vital for many cases. The more complex or complicated the case, the more time may be required. Background checks, examination of details, analysis of findings and witness testimonial may all deplete what remaining time is left in these cases. A lawyer that may afford the time, effort and attention to a defendant’s case is essential for a positive outcome with the case or through trial in court.

Trial Experience

For many clients, it is important that their lawyer has had trial experience. If he or she is perceived as someone who will only get a plea bargain, the prosecutor may be aware of this reputation and may not make a good deal because he or she knows the case will be resolved before trial.


When looking for the perfect lawyer, it is wise to consult friends, family, associates, other lawyers and even acquaintances for opinions and statistics about law firms or specific lawyers. Often searching online may provide further details about businesses containing a myriad of legal counsel. It is refining the search that takes time and effort. Though a blank search may heed results, examining law firm specific websites often brings answers to questions. Notes should be written about who is most liked,


Once a list of prospective lawyers has been compiled, the defendant can set up a consultation to meet with the lawyer. He or she should prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer, including questions regarding the lawyer’s rate of pay, the amount of experience the lawyer has with the particular type of case involved, the general process involved in the case and the legal strategy that the lawyer may recommend.

During this consultation, the defendant should pay attention to the answers. However, this is also a process in which the
defendant can consider how the lawyer speaks to him or her and the impression that he or she has on the defendant. If the first law firm is not a fit, the defendant may wish to contact other lawyers to set up a consultation.

Indications of what to look for when meeting the legal representative may include how interested they are in the case, how concerned they are in the well-being of the client and how well they communicate who they are and what they are about. If the lawyer takes up the bulk of the consultation regaling tales of their great adventures, they are most likely not the person to take the case. The consultation is to determine how much a match the lawyer is to the case and the client, not just how good they are in the courtroom. Trust is one of the top things to look for with the lawyer.

Finalizing a Decision

No two lawyers are exactly the same, and not all legal representatives have the same qualifications. Once a consultation has been completed, it is essential to narrow down which individual has a better understanding of the case specifics and the defending party. After research, examination, consultation and finalization of all information, a match should be available from the remaining lawyers available.